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Enamo Grip: Tough and Durable Enamel Protective Coating, plus Graffiti Protection

ENAMO GRIP is a tough, moisture curing, two-component polyurethane enamel, which produces a uniquely hard and durable coating film. ENAMO GRIP will demonstrate unsurpassed semi-gloss retention, color-retention, graffiti-resistance, and chalk resistance when utilized for exterior coating situations. ENAMO GRIP will also provide outstanding resistance to water and humidity, stains, chemicals, and solvents, as well as exceptional scuff, mark, and impact-resistance.

Enamo Grip Benefits:

  • Self-leveling when applied - Provides a glossy, smooth-finished surface appearance.
  • Applied as a clear coat - Or may be tinted to any color desired.
  • Extremely tough - ENAMO GRIP makes an excellent floor coating.
  • Easily applied - Use over metal, aluminum, or concrete.
  • Exceptional graffiti-resistance - Quick defacement cleanup, reduces maintenence efforts
  • Submergible - Water resistant
  • 10+ year lifespan - Great for roofing under normal conditions.
  • Top coat - Pipes, tanks, vehicles, equipment, and facilities

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