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HPC™: High Temperature Ceramic Coating

Get heat protection that surpasses conventional insulation with HPC™ Coating. HPC™ Coating is a ceramic based, water-borne insulating coating designed to insulate in high temperature situations. Use HPC™ Coating as a base coat/primer or build layers for additional protection. HPC can be used up to 700 degrees F.

This insulation method is much different than the traditional “wrap” insulation materials that only slow down the loss of heat (known as an R rating or “heat transfer”). The seven ceramic compounds used create a barrier to catch and hold heat on the surface of the unit - be it pipe, furnace surface, boiler, etc. Unlike wraps that use air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in HPC™ Coating resist absorbing heat trying to come off the surface to escape. This traps and holds the heat onto the surface for more effective insulation performance.

Benefits of HPC™ Coating:

  • Easy to Apply - Apply directly to hot pipes while operating.
  • Increased Insulation - Additional coats immediately reduce surface temperature and loss of heat.
  • Long Lasting - Does not absorb humidity or lose insulation value with overcoat of Super Therm®.
  • Safe - HPC™ Coating is non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Coverage - Can be sprayed to fit over any configuration or shape

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