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Moist Metal Grip: Fast Acting Protection for Submerged or Wet Surfaces

Protect submerged surfaces with durable Moist Metal Grip. The two-part epoxy is designed to provide a water resistant, anti-corrosion coating for wet or submerged surfaces. Moist Metal Grip is designed to protect metal surfaces already experiencing moisture or condensation and cannot be stopped and dried.

Benefits of Moist Metal Grip:

  • Fast Acting - Submergible after only 48 hours of cure time. Moist Metal Grip will finish curing while submerged.
  • Durable - Acid and chemical resistant.
  • Versatile - Moist Metal Grip can be applied to steel, aluminum, wood and concrete.
  • Easy to Apply - Semi-self-leveling formula with a smooth finish that can be tinted to any color. Can be applied directly to a wet surface using a roller or brush.

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