Coatings Solutions is an authorized distributor and applicator for Superior Products International (SPI).

Super Base (HS): High Performance Basecoat and Primer

Seal and cover surfaces with Super Base (HS), a high performance base coat and primer designed specifically for use with Super Therm® and Sunshield. Super Base (HS) is made with a combination of the highest-performances elastomeric acrylics to provide long-lasting protection.

Benefits of Super Base (HS):

Versatile - Super Base (HS) works with concrete, tar, wood, asphalt, shingles, fiberglass shingles, polyurethane foam, or any other dry substance.

Safe - Super Base (HS) is USDA approved for use in and around food preparation areas.

Long-Lasting - Super Base (HS) has a 10+ year lifespan under normal conditions.

Effective - Super Base (HS) primes and fills surfaces to maximize the performance of Super Therm® and Sunshield.

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